Caves placement

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Caves placement

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Here is a recent photo of my caves. The zebs have been playing musical caves for the past few weeks.

As of today, the D cave has been abandoned and that zebra is sitting over on the far right under the rock ledge.
The one in the round cave which I suspected may be female is now hanging around the middle between two caves and is getting fatter by the day.
The one in the third slate cave has moved into the middle round cave.

What is happening, is the one in the second slate cave is going into the first slate cave and the middle round cave and towelling up the plecs in them.

Is this to establish himself as a dominant male, and will the other two plecs be ok? They don't seem to want to move and to date they are not injured but I worry what is going to happen when the gravid female decides to come out from between the caves in the middle.

Will she go for the dominant male in the 2nd slate cave?
Will the dominant male step aside and let her in, or is there too much fightingand harassment of males going on that she will cop it as well?
Would she be silly enough to go into a less dominants cave?
What should I do if that happens?

I was sort of thinking maybe I could place a little piece of driftwood between the caves in the middle to extend out the front areas of cave so these males aren't looking at each other all of the time. What do you think?

Here is a photo when the female in the middle actually had control of the main cave herself but was evicted from it and now lives between caves.
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You need to setup territories. Seperate the caves into 3 or 2 territories with a big rock or driftwood. This will defuse any problems that there may be with fighting looks like the males just see each other to much and that is causing the problem.
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