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Contributor Title & Description Uploaded Location
Graham Summersgill Breeding Zebra Plecos, My First Success: A comprehensive account of my varied breeding attempts and my subsequent success. 08/08/2003 UK
McEve L046 from Start To Finish: Everything you need to know plus some more. Excellent photos and personal experience. 26/07/2005 Norway
Rob Graham A Little Video About Courting: A video showing the female Hypancistrus zebra trying to enter the males cave. 20/08/2005 UK
mistern2005 Treatment of Camallanus Worms: A very good article about this pesky parasite. USA
Doug White & Derek P.S. Tustin There's No End To The Things You Might Know, Depending How Far Beyond Zebra You Go. 19/05/2011 USA & Canada
Rob Graham Links: Other sites useful to the L046 enthusiast. 01/06/2010 UK