Bloated zebra

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Bloated zebra

Post by uri30 »

Hey guys,

I have a group of 6 zebra's. All of them about 1 year's old.
When i came back from work today, i found one of them looking like this:

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I checked the water parmatrs- all of them are 0! Ph- 7.7,MS(microsimense)- 1424MS, temp- 28.5 C.

Does any one know what should i do to make the little one get back to his normal size?

I will be greatfull for any quick response.

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Re: Bloated zebra

Post by krisA20 »

Put it to sleep, and take it out of its misery.
I don't think you can safe it, when its that bloated.
The μS is very high for a Hypancistrus Zebra.

What do you feed with?
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Re: Bloated zebra

Post by Stevie.K »

Is the Zebra still alive?
I have never seen a fish that badly bloated before, you can try Epsom salts at 1 tablespoon per 40 litres, i think! every 4 hours until passed.
I have experienced this is the past very rarely, but it usually ocurrs with a poor diet.
Try a mixed diet with greens, somepeople feed a crushed pea once a week & I feed Spirulina. :)
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Re: Bloated zebra

Post by har_eh »

I've actually had a zebra with these symptoms, happened in the LFS probably due to a combination of bad food, stress and wrong water parameters.
I managed to save it by putting it into another tank with a noticeably lower ph(6.5). The tank was very dark with many hiding places, after less the 24hours the belly was normal again.

a pic of my fish:

Good luck!
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