can current be to fast when zebs are young ??

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can current be to fast when zebs are young ??

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i have recently bought 3 zebs they are about a year old 1 is about 2 inch and the other 2 1.5 inch i currently have a filter turning over 7 times the tanks volume.i do have another filter but when its on it blows the water around quite fast and the food. this extra filter does 9 times the tanks turnover so in total it would be 16 times. the women i got them off says that when they are young they dont need much current and will use to much energy up trying to swim in the current????? i have more than enough caves and bodwood for hideouts.
what are poeples thoughts and opinions please cheers ?????
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Re: can current be to fast when zebs are young ??

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In the wild babies are born at the start of the rainy season- the time of year when flow is the strongest. If you have proper cover for them where they can get out of the direct flow- they are going to do just fine. Zebras are "designed" to live in fast flowing waters and they can live a long time- 20+ years (not sure of the max.).

That said, just because they can live in high flow does not meant they have to. As long as there is plenty of O in the water they do fine in a lot less flow.
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