tap safe

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tap safe

Post by craigzeb »

hi what tap safe liquid or aqua safe is everyone using i use tetra aqua safe in my fish tank with my normal tropical fish and golden nuggets does anyone reccommend something better or is this enough thanks ??? :)

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Re: tap safe

Post by Stevie.K »

I use both tetra aqua safe & Prime to be on the safe side, but I never had any probs just using Tetra on its own. :)

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Re: tap safe

Post by TwoTankAmin »

Well water here- do not need to use anything. However, to detox after bleaching stuff I use Amquel which I also use in bag water when I ship fish or if I have to detox somebody else's water.
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Re: tap safe

Post by Joby »

I use Waterlife haloex, a little goes a long way :)

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Re: tap safe

Post by Fern »

I use prime, I also buy it by the 4L jug.... I have a few tanks :wink:

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Re: tap safe

Post by Tankfull Tropicals »

I use Genisis from Kensfish.com; very economical AND good. One drop per gal. :aok:
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