cleanup crew for l046 or l333 only tank

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cleanup crew for l046 or l333 only tank

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hi folks,

im in the research phase of setting up a 180l system with the intent of housing only zebra plecos (to be determined if l046 or l333 or both), in this regards I had a couple questions...

what are your suggestions in terms of cleanup crew for this tank? im aware they can coexist with cherry shrimp but the higher end temps are not ideal for them...perhaps Sulawasi shrimp would be more adequate? snails on the other had I have ZERO idea what could work well or if its even advisable.... ill have some plants in the tank, mainly tiger lotus and a sword plant.

lastly how many would i be able to fit in this sort of system? most online articles suggest 33gallon/fish yet iv seen people on here have 10 in slightly larger systems.... personally im thinking 2 males 4 females (ideally) or a total of 6 fish for 180l. is this doable?

bonus question: is it ill advised to keep these animals alone? as in a species only tank, do they benefit from having other wish around them? if so ill need to do some reading on species that enjoy strong currents as I do intend to have some decent water movement in the tank.

thank you in advance
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Re: cleanup crew for l046 or l333 only tank

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Do not mix zebras with other Hypans.

I do not mix my breeding Hypans with anything. You will likely get good answers faster if you pcheck out the suster site ti here, You can do a forum search and find a tom of good answers.
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