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If it's about fish in general, or it's a little bit random, then this is the place to post it.
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Here' mine

5 bronze cory's
20 zebra danio
6Whiptail catfish
2 Banjo cats
60 Koi carp
2 Oscar's
3 freshwater stingrays, Potamotrygon motoro 1m 2fem
6 discus
12 bumble bee gobies
3 figure 8 puffers
a million ramshorn snails

oh..and 18 Zebra Plecos L046 (my personal faves!!!!!!!!)
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geese where do i start.....................
2 x sailfin plecos,
2 x L168,
4 x L104,
3 x gold spot plecos,
35 assorted longfin bristlenose,
7 peppermint bristlenose,
1 x snow king pleco (for sale),
1 angle fish,
7 hardyheads,
4 crabros,
1 x malawi gold cichlid,
1 x peacock cichlid,
pair white knights,
2 yellow tail acei,
3 yoyo loaches,
3 congo tetras,
4 neon tettras,
7 electris yellows,
penguin tetra,
few assorted danios,
crown tailed siamese fighting fish,
3 x unkown plecos,
1 x upside down catfish,
4 blue dolphin cichlids,
2 rainbow fish,
2 lampeye tetras,
2 coloured corys,
1 leopard cory,
breeding pair common bristlenose,
plus more lol.

cheers gurdler
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Talk about bringing back the dead....
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used to have 70 b'nose babiesas well
plecos are for everyone and not for noone
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20G Long
4 L066

3 Tiger Barb
3 Zebra Danio
2 Harlequin Rasbora
1 Syndontis Eupterus (going to be moving to the Tang tank I am working on currently)

15G Planted
5 Neon Tetra
6 Bumblebee Shrimp
6 Blue Algae Shrimp
6 Ghost Shrimp

Future Plans:

I built a 2 level custom aquarium stand to hold 6 aquariums totaling at 171+ gallons

Working on a 50G Tanganyika community currently, finishing up a custom background.

Will probably have

8-10 Cyp. Leptos.
2 Juli. Regani (Kipili)
4 Lamp Occs.
6 Xenos.
1 Syndontis Eupterous

Ordered a 30G breeder (couldnt find this in stores anywhere). Once I get it I will set it up for Zebs and just let it run until I manage to find some.

Last tank can have a 30x18 footprint but there arent really any standard sizes. I could put a 36Bow in there (30x15) but I might custom build my own tank for that spot (I am really into DIY)

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If we're resurrecting an old thread! Brief summary as below:

Peaceful cichlids: discus, keyholes and rams

Corys: bronze and pygmy

Plecs: L066 King Tiger, L046 Zebra Plec, L129, Regular Ancistrus, Starlight Ancistrus, Veiltail Ancistrus, Marble Ancistrus, Unidentified Ancistrus

Kuhli loaches, black widow tetras, cardinal tetras, ottos, oh and 1 female fighter whom I bred over a year ago!
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Green Phantom (L200)
Blue Phantom (L128)
Snowball (L102)
Bristlenose - female
Peckoltia sp (L205)
Leopard Frog (L134)
Candy Striped (L015)
King Tiger (L066)
Big Spot Peckoltia (L163)
Panaque (LDA67/68)
10 Ticto Barbs
6 Pentazona Barbs
5 Bleeding Heart Tetras
6 Congo Tetras
3 Pictus catfish
3 Botia Rostrata
2 Keyhole Cichlids

Male Bristlenose
3 Botia Rostrata
5 Rummy Nose Tetras
8 Minnows
6 Harlequin Rasbora

4 Zebra Plecos

48G Marine:
2 Black and White Clownfish
Lawnmower Blenny
Female Lyretail Anthias
2 Cleaner Shrimp
8 Turbo Snails

24G divided:
4 Male Bettas

Female Blue Ram
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