If you've got a breeding project on at the moment, (preferably fish related), let us know and you might even get added to the spawn list..whe....hey!

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hi at present iv a wild group of 134s spawning but keep kicking the eggs out so i cant really say iam breeding only spawning next time i have a spawn the eggs will be put in a net for safe keeping

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Re: L134

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I usually try to elevate the front of their breeding cave about 1/4"-1/2". 1 like to use a small ceramic or slate tile. Gravity definitely helps but every once in a while they still manage to kick out an egg that I place in a breeding net.

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Re: L134

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It can take a dad few tries to get it right. The tilting can help to prevent accidentally fanning eggs out of the cave or having them roll out for some other reason. You can always try to retrieve expelled eggs using a baster dedicated solely for that purpose and then squirt them back in or into a breeder trap. They need some flow and not to be with other fish besides the breeders when using a net type breeder. Other fish may try to suck out the yolk through the net.

Oh yes, sometimes dads are not so stupid and they are expelling eggs for a good reason.
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