RO Right Kent Freshwater product

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RO Right Kent Freshwater product

Post by sandstone »

Does anyone use this product in their RO water? If so could you tell me what you think it does to benefit your water and have you lost any fish/plecos cause of using it.. Good and Bad (if there is any) I use mostly RO water in my tanks and have never used a RO RIGHT product but read it adds alot of got mineral to the water that a RO system takes out.
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Re: RO Right Kent Freshwater product

Post by mistern2005 »

I use to use RO Right to increase the TDS of my RO water when adding back to the tank. I read something (don't remember where) that most of the hardness comes from salts so I switched to a general GH booster. It is my opinion that the water requires a bit of hardness to help the health of my fish, plants, shrimp, and snails.
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