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Robert Hadath
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Post by Robert Hadath »

I currently have 2 new spawns, I guess you were right. Just wait and they will breed when they are ready.

Here are some pics of my fry, approx. 2 months old.

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Post by Tristan »

Congratulations on your beautiful babies :D
I guess patience is the vital ingredient.
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Post by McEve »

Very nice :D

Congrats! How many are there?
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Post by DasArab »

Nice, very nice.
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Post by Adam »

Very nice mate, very nice indeed.

How much did you say you were selling them for :?: :lol: :lol:
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Post by Cascudo »

Great! And they are with so many!
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Post by Rob »

They look fantastic robert. Congratualtions.

What size are they now?

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Are you still active here Rob

Post by 24/7 »

I'm on the west coast vancouver bc

I was hoping your still breading these great little plecos???
I purchased some some time ago from a Robert out your way through
Henry's fish store in Alberta

Could you drop me a line PM or email 24740@canada.com
I'd really like to get a small group order if still possible

Peace Out
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Zebras for sale?

Post by tedder »

Hi there, I am also on the west coast, and would love to aquire a few Zebras.
Any Chance you're still breeding? Do you have any for sale?

Please let me know,

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