the rarest and most expensive L-number

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the rarest and most expensive L-number

Post by Tariq »

do you guys think that the zebra is maybe the most expensive and difficult to get l number?i know there are some l-numbers almost impossible to get.
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Post by jerms55555 »

IMO L236 are pretty hard to find.....and they seem to be a little more expensive than the L46
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Post by fishboy20 »

I would have to vote for the Blue Eye Panque being the most rare. Certainly L-236 and L-46 are on the list. I also think L-250 would be a highly desired but rare species. I'm sure there are others but those are the ones that come to mind.
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Post by zcat »

I would vote for the Blue-eyed Panaque too. They seem a lot more difficult to find than Zebras, as far as I know there are no baby BEPs availalbe at this time. The current street price for them seems to be at $500 or more according to recent Aquabid auctions and offers I got when I sold mine.

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IMHO, the blue-eyed Panaque looks just like a common pleco with blue eyes. The Zebra might be cheaper, but its a lot cuter...besides, ever noticed that Zebras also have blueish eyes?
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Post by Mindy »

All of my zebras have blueish eyes. You can't see it when you use flash photography, but if you look at any of the earlier pics I posted, taken without a flash, their eyes look brilliant blue. I think they're one of the most beautiful little fishes I've ever seen. :wink:
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