A hello from far away

Hmmm...what else can I say!
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A hello from far away

Post by Ventura »

Good morning everione, well at least here is morning.

I am Luis Ventura from Portugal/lisbon, and i was looking for more information about L046 when i found this wonderfull forum. I have a project of 1meter long, 55cm high, 55 whide all this only to have and breed our beloved zebras.

I breed and take care of tropical fish for already 15 years, and after all this time i thot i would go for my old dream of having a colonie of this wonderfull L.
At the moment i am trying to assemble and build a tank setup where they like to be and i like to see later on i will start to post pics on the correct subforum.

i hope i will be of any use in here and that you can help me in my questions.
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Post by Joby »

Hiya and welcome Luis :)

Look forward to seeing the pics of your set up when its finished :)
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Post by John »

Welcome Ventura :)
Jo's Zebs
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Post by Jo's Zebs »

Welcome to zebrapleco :D :D
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Post by Stevie.K »

A big welcome Ventura & good luck with your Zebs. :)
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Post by jerry58 »

Hi Ventura

Welcome to the site and look forward to some pics of your setup and fish. 8)

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