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Pretty much explains itself really. If you have questions about tank set-ups, tank furniture, (caves etc) chuck them in here!

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Hi Adam :D

Yes, I was surprised to see the Sword rooting itself on the bogwood too, I've never seen that before, and I don't think the plant likes it much there either. It doesn't look all that hot, even though it would have looked good if it did work out!

I find it's easier to get the plants to thrive if there's plenty of them, part from that I'm not doing anything special really. There's a mix of slow growing plants and fast growing, the java moss is a very important part of it all, don't know why, I've jsut noticed that the tanks having a growing and thriving java moss also have a good enviroment otherwise. Might be coincidental though.... I feed them Tropica Master grow twice a week, change 30% of the water every week, lights on for 10 hours, and have a bunch of algae eaters (Oto's in this case). Unfortunately it's turned out that the L128 is a plant eater! The Swords especially are suffering from this, but it looks like they're catching up again now.

This tank is settling in fine, I've had no trouble with it at all so far, which is not what I anticipated at all - touch wood!

Thanks for being interested :)
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