discus and plecos

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discus and plecos

Post by lawrie909 »

hello , ihave been keeping discus for a few years, and am getting6 adult zebs next week . i think i will start a new tank with just the zebs and 2 discus, a breeding pair , maybe black sand , what dod you think , will the zebs be happy
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Post by bonsai »

Hi, I don't see why not. My Zebs were in my 6 foot tank with Angels, Discus and many others besides! We only moved them because as they were tiny, we couldn't see them as they kept hiding away from the big guys! Now they are in my corner tank, which houses mainly guppies and cardinals. So unless someone has different views, carry on :D
These are beautiful little babes!
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Post by Barbie »

I've kept discus and zebras together successfully a couple times. Keep in mind that it's a totally unsuitable mix to try to breed them in, however. Little zebras would be perfect discus snackfood sized!

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I kept zebs and discus together for a long time only separated for breeding projects. Not got the discus anymore but mine seened to ignore the plecos in there tank even picked food off the bottom from around the zebs.
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