the new guy

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the new guy

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hi folks,

ill keep this short.

started fish keeping in 2011, mainly saltwater, the fever made me also setup a 180 liter planted tank with guppies and a single African tiger lotus (that flowered too). fast-forward to today, the guppies multiplied like rabbits (inbred issues as well sadly), the tiger lotus took over and I have more tanks than id like to admit... its time to reset the 180. iv got other tanks to move the guppies and lilies to and I would like to create a l45 Hypancistrus zebra system with this 180l.

its a project ill undertake in a few months as I read up on as much as I can about these animals and my research before taking the plunge, so please bare with me if you see me post dumb questions....thank you in advance!

P.S in 2011 I got a mated pair of Amphiprion percula that are happily swimming to this day.
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Re: the new guy

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Hi sorry to be late to reply. This site tends to be slow, it is owned by Jools who also owns You may get a faster response there than here.

Good lucj qith your project, zebras are a lovely fish.
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