Advice on new zebra pleco

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Advice on new zebra pleco

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Hi all new to the forum :),

I’m a proud new owner of six zebra pleco,

It been five days and I haven’t seen them eat but I notice food going missing, I have tried live blood worms, bug bites and sinking Carnivores pellets. Just like to get some advice on how do you make sure you don’t over feed your zebra pleco and what food have you found they favour?? Heard some people use mussels ??

Will take some photos of my tank, please let me know if you think my tank could use some improvement, always welcome constructive criticism if it will improve the wellbeing of my zebras :)

Also just for hindsight I have checked water quality and everything is in the parameters of what they want. Would like some suggestions and from some experience keepers do your zebra pleco get more confident over time or are they really that shy and just won’t come out to eat until it dark ?? Also they are in a 120 litre tank on their own apart from four cherry shrimp :)

Sorry for the long post and thanks again for any advice you guys and girls can give :).
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Re: Advice on new zebra pleco

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Sorry to be so slow. I feed

Repashy foods- Bottom Scratcher and Spawn & Grow. I mix each with 20% Soilent Green so any fry get veggies they need.
Frozen Blood Worms, Mysis Shrimp, Brine Shrimp. Brine shrimp gut loaded with spirulina and daphnia

I feed the fry frozen cyclops and rotifers and when they get a bit of size I add a bit of daphnia,

When lazy I feed my own mix of mini sinking sticks from I prefer to hold this to no more than 20% or less of their diet
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