Breaking up a colony - best guesses on what I have in each group?

We all know how difficult it is to identify the sex of these fish, so please post a picture in here and we'll try to help you (or at least give an educated guess!).
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Breaking up a colony - best guesses on what I have in each group?

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Hi folks,

I have had this colony for 21 months and it was told that it was two years old prior to getting them. I expected some breeding by now and thought maybe the problem is having too many fish together? I am assuming they are not all the same sex?

Anyway, was thinking of breaking them into three groups. Please refer to the video and let me know if you can take a stab at the ratio in each group?

I could include pictures of the group divided in half as well, but not sure how to upload them here.

You expertise is appreciated.

Thank you,

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Re: Breaking up a colony - best guesses on what I have in each group?

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First, welcome to the site.

Next, you can upload pictures in two ways/ If you have them hosted on line, then all you need is the URl for the picture (this is normally a .jpg linl0. Click on the Img tab and then paste the picture link between the two Img tags. The other way is to click the Attachments tab below and upload it to the site from your device. That will put a copy of the picture on the site.

It is hard to sex fish in a vid. The odds are good you have both sexes. I prefer to vent them which means seeing them from the underside in order to sex them with any reliability. This leads me to a series of questions that might let us help:
1. How many fish in total? Are they wild caught or tank raised?
2. What size tank?
3. What sort of layout in the tank include number and placement of caves?
4. What sort of filtration, current, and water params (hardness and/or TDS, Temp. and pH).
4. What are you feeding the fish and when?
5. Have you tried running proper dry and rainy seasons? (This is a several month process.)
6. Have you seen any signs of damage from fighting on any of them?

Mine bred as a group of 13 fish with no problems.
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