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Hmmm...what else can I say!
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New to the form

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Hey ya'all I'm justin from Canada ...After awhile of working with L-series plecos I have decided to buy a l046 I will be getting it on the weekend and I'm super pumped!!! I also have lots of other plecos besides but I think the l46 is by far my fav ! Hopeing to er all the info and help I can get to keep these little fella thriving! T

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Re: New to the form

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Hello Justin,

Wear in Canada are you from? I live in B.C.

I have one zebra at the moment with another coming next Friday, I have a very long story about my zebra and zebras I use to have and would be more than glad to tell you my mistakes in hopes they never happen to you as well as my first two zebras from another breeder that did not arrive in good condition. Send me your email I would be more than glad to help you with what I know so far, I have only been keeping zebras for one year so I am no expert by any means. I also have a few other L numbers too.
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