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Pretty much explains itself really. If you have questions about tank set-ups, tank furniture, (caves etc) chuck them in here!

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Tank Options

Post by Tolak »

I've got a group of young zebras, around 2", coming in end of this week. So far it's 6 fish, might bump it up to 8. I'm pretty much settled on a 40b, I've got 5 running in the fishroom ATM. I mostly breed angels, the 40's are final growout tanks, anything from dime to quarter body size angels are usually in there. I'm totally anal about bringing anything new into my fishroom, so they'll be quar in the 40 for quite a while.

The tank setup isn't an issue, water flow, caves & so on, I'm wondering for the future the compatibility of the plecs with the angels as far as feeding. Angels can handle the water flow, been there, but generally eat like pigs. Target feeding isn't an issue, angels aren't too bright with rooting around caves & rocks for food.

I've also got a 65 & a 72 outside the fishroom, but they're a bit of a pain to work as they aren't drilled with overflows & run to a sump for water changes like the tanks in the room. The 40's have the same footprint as the 65, I see them as being pretty equal.

As far as caves & wood, I've got a variety of rocks, caves, clay pots, you name it. I've heard that you need to watch the crevasses with bigger pieces of wood, as the plecs can get hung in there. I've got better than 100 pounds of smaller pieces of sinking mopani, maybe golf ball to fist size, piling some of these on the bottom is a toss & sink deal, from what I'm seeing rocky is better though.

I've got powerheads & pumps, spare cannister filters, RO, you name it at my disposal, I want to get the tank set & let them settle in with the minimal amount of drama for them, a happy home for a long term breeding project.
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Re: Tank Options

Post by har_eh »

I've been keeping 3 Orinoco Altums with my L46 for more then a year now without any problems.
Like you said, once the food disappears between the rocks the angles won't bother going after it.
I did create a few open places for the angels to look for food though.

good luck with your plans! :)
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