3rd Spawn

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3rd Spawn

Post by UKCHRIS »

Hi Guys,

Lucky enough to report that the other male/female did indeed pair off and lay some eggs. Unfortunatley they were kicked out on Thursday (10 of them) but I managed to save them and put them in the breeding trap with the other 2 babies from the 2nd spawn last week. 8 of them hatched today see picture below of eggs.

I now have my alpha male who still has some babies in his cave, plus 10 babies in a breeding trap though 2 are slightly older.

How long can I keep them in the breeding trap? Im a little concerened about letting them out into the main tank since I have only seen 1 baby from my first spawn recently...so not sure if they are even still alive.

Any advice?

eggs and 2 babies
eggs and 2 babies
eggs just hatched
eggs just hatched
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Re: 3rd Spawn

Post by Blackcat »

Again not bred.

But just based on things, I've learnt on here (I've like read almost every thread, and it is very useful).

1) They have an airstone or air running to eggs to ensure they are aerated and to compensate for the father not being around to fan
2) I think they are kept for a month or two in the breeding trap, many have discussed the issue with finding food etc.
3) Then you can transfer them where you want I'm guessing.

Goodluck, sorry for the lack of experience on my part.

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