Recommended Water Parameters for Zebra Pleco

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Recommended Water Parameters for Zebra Pleco

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Hey everyone!

I have 4 new 1 y/o zebra plecos getting settled in their own 20g (long) aquarium. I also had one algae eating pleco in there to keep the algae under control, but upon checking the tank today i found the algae eating pleco dead... :( The zebras all seem to be fine, but i did a water test to make sure there wasn't anything crazy going on there that caused this pleco to die.
Here is what the water test showed. (keeping in mind this is about a month old tank, and i filled it with tap water that i treated with water conditioner upon filling the tank up)

Nitrate = 0ppm
Nitrite = >7.5ppm
pH = 8.2ppm
Ammonia = 1.0ppm
Temp = 82-84F

Can anyone tell me what the recommended water parameters are for them to be healthy and happy and if these results i got should be of concern?

Thanks so much in advance for your replies!

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Re: Recommended Water Parameters for Zebra Pleco

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There should be 0 nitrite and 0 ammonia,it sounds like the tanks hasnt fully cycled !
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Re: Recommended Water Parameters for Zebra Pleco

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yes your tank is not cycled proper and will prob take a few months or longer id not put your zebs in there as they will prob die too unless you keep changing water every couple of days to keep ammonia away and nitrites if they get to hi it willl kill your fish either keep changing water or find someone who has a fully cycled tank to try temp house them for now

zebs need perfect clean water
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