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Hello everyone, I am from Canada. In the next week or so I will be getting my first L046 and cannot wait. They are such beautiful fish and outstanding plecos to look at as well. I wish I could afford a nice colony of them but one is better than none. I also have one L134 and a few Long Fin Albino Plecos too. I just sold my 46 gal bowfront, time to downgrade things. But I kept a tank just for my fancy plecos as I won't part with them.

I have kept many kinds of fish in my 20+ years in the hobby. I also dabbled into the Nano Saltwater Hobby too. I did that for 6 years with great success all the way. My smallest tank being 1 gal and my largest being 3 gal. It was fun but is sure an expensive hobby here. I no longer have my saltwater, I don't miss it either.

So in a few weeks my new little pleco will arrive and I am so excited I can hardly wait. Just wanted to say hi and I look forward to reading the posts on this forum and learning from you all as well.

Cheers from Canada..... :D
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Re: Hello

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Welcome to the site and to the wonderful world of black and white fish.
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