New 180l Zebra set up

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New 180l Zebra set up

Post by rust21464 »

I have just set up this 180l tank to house my 7 zebras currently living in a 70l.The new tank has a Tetratec ex1200 external filter and I have used a lot of natural slate for decor with sand as a substrate.The tank is still cycling so it will be a while before I will be adding the zebs.Any comments welcome.
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Re: New 180l Zebra set up

Post by Mattyd88mk »

Love it, I’m in the process of cycling a tank too, I may go the terracotta tube route but your natural scene is beautiful.
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Re: New 180l Zebra set up

Post by TwoTankAmin »

Looks nice. Consider adding some wood. I find my plecos love hiding in and under it. The more cover the fish have, the "happier" they will be.
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