where in Brazil

If it isn't to late, and you're desperately looking for some advice, hopefully someone can help you out.

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where in Brazil

Post by Lainetti »

I live in Brazil and I would like to buy l46 anebody know where in Brazil I´´ll get? one people or store? I know that is very hard but value to try :D
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Post by jerms55555 »

Why dont you try to dive about 6-10 ft down the Rio Xingu.......$hit, if I lived in Brazil, I would, that might be really fun...or maybe pay some of the fisherman to do it for you..lol.....!!!!!! :D PS...YES I KNOW THEY ARE ENDANGERED RIGHT NOW, SO PLEASE...THIS IS JUST A JOKE.....Don't want to get any mad!!!

But my only guess could be Aquabid.com...and hopefully somebody is selling/and or shipping to Brazil! :lol:
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Post by wandj »

Wow, doesn't it sound weird that someone is trying to buy a fish in the same place the fish comes from?

Kinda like having to buy gasoline from Saudi Arabia when we produce it right here....same price mind you.

Good luck obtaining your Zebras.

And since you are from Brazil, if you hear any news regarding the ban and/or the dam, let us know.
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