Zebs colony ratio / gender ratio

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Zebs colony ratio / gender ratio

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sorry if i’m posting this in the wrong section have only just joined this community and was unable to find a relating topic..

I know that everybody's opinion and insight on this will be different but that's the point.. no one's answer will be wrong nor right it's just what works for each person.. nature will take its course but what is everybody's recommended or what has been your most successful tank turnover/colony ratio for breeding L046? I recently purchased 3x L046 and am now about to purchase a few more from a different breeder just wondering on what genders to get and how many of each? i currently have 1M 3F.. 7-8cm
also the zebs i am getting are 7-8cm ( i hope )
appreciation in advance :aw:
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Re: Zebs colony ratio / gender ratio

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I answered you on Planetcatfish :wink:
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