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Just following on from the shinning torch into cave and the results we get from doing this.

The last spawn I had I let the male deal with it until eviction day or the day the fry got bold and decided to venture out.

However at the weekend I removed this present spawns eggs, nine in total, first for me usually only get max of 6.

Put them in my small breeding trap floating in the same tank. One thing different than any other time is my condensation tray has been removed therefor direct light going into the tank for 10 hours a day.

Three eggs hatched prematurely and then this morning a four.

I am no boilogist but I beleive light damages the eggs.

The only other time I have experienced this was when I had one of my first spawns and could not wait to find out how many eggs so slowly let the male out and brough the cave nesar the surface and used a torch to count. 6 eggs in total and I must have had the torch on for 5 mins max. Only ever got one fry from that spawn.

Oh and this may be on another thread but I think I have stumbled upon the reason for ghoust shells too.
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Post by dave »

Ghost shells I believe to be unfertilised eggs.

The biggest brood I have had is 22, and these were removed from the parents at the egg stage.

As for lighting an interesting point, I have no tank lighting for Zebras, just daylight and room lighting if I want to view them at night.

I am sticking to facts, and also appreciate the fact that the site is going along this line, don't comment on things until you have done it, rather than reiterate what other people have written.

Perhaps the same policy should apply to selling this fish.

Just an afterthought.

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