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spawn on glass

Post by aldicks »

I have a new spawn that are now "free swimming ' and can be seen here and there on the glass ( virtually always on the glass) of my zebra colony planted tank. I have raised a few before. They are extremely hard to catch to get them out of the tank ( and fatalities will occur) yet growth is slow in the big tank ( 70 gallons). They can't get that much food ( biofilm) off the glass but I do not think that they are eating anything else. Does anyone out there know of a really good food for the babies. By the way,I feed the adults ( nothing else in the tank) with,among other things ,the European Shrimp Mix recipe which seems to be pretty good. It's a home prepared food actually designed for Tropheus specis and it seems to be good for them too. I don't think that the babies are eating anything but what is on the glass
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Re: spawn on glass

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I use a product called Golden Pearls from It is as good as newly hatched brine shrimp and they are a good reputable supplier that is worth a look. Brine shrimp are always a goog choice too. They stay alive and in suspention for a few hrs too. :wink: Shrimp are almost total protien and that is what counts for young fish.
My Zebras have not yet spawned but I get Good groth rates from Golden Pearls with my other Plecos.
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Re: spawn on glass

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try crushing chichlid sticks up into really fine peaces almost like powder u cn add a mix of good granular foods and cruch them up abit messy tho so more water changes needed . i havent breed zebra pleco b4 jst starting to gt a grop of young together now but have successfuly bred outher plecos
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