New Group for me.

Everything you ever wanted to say about "Zebra luvin", but didn't because you thought everyone would take the mickey! Plus general topics for discussion including everything from what you feed them to your personal experiences.

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New Group for me.

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One of the advantages for me from working with zebras was that they became a springboard for getting new species. I was ablle over time to parlay my good luck with spawning things to allow me to acquire a group of wild P. compta, then a group of L173b from Glase in germany. This then became a group of RB L236. From there is was two groups of L173 (on of which was the private collection of an importer). Finally, I acquired a group og super white L236 which I also think may have come from ab RB line.

Over the years I have paid a lot less attention to my original zebra group and even bumped it up with some new fish about 2 years back. The result of all of the above is that I decided it was time for a new start with zebras and I bought myself a group of 25 at 2 in. TL from one of the best Known breeding operations in Asia. They have been in growout since I got them about 6 weeks after they arrived in the states. I have had them since very late April.

So I am back up to about 45 zebras or so. My problem is now I am being overrun by L173. I have two spawning groups and they are hard at work trying to take up every gallon of tank space I have, :D
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