Hi All

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Hi All

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Hello All

Thank you for adding me to the site. I adore L046s and after having a read was disappointed to learn would not be able to add to my community tank.

However I will be looking into dipping a toe into a breeding set up in a 20-30 gallon (need to do a lot more research). Like to keep a trio or small shoal to start. Any tips appreciated :)
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Re: Hi All

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Welcome to the wonderful world of zebras and to the site.

Zebras can work in some community type tanks, but not many. And for breeding anything a species tank is almost always the most effective way. But I did house a couple of wild caught adult males zebras years ago in a tank with a pair of discus for a number of years. Ultimately they were put into a tank of my F1 fish I held and grew out for me.

Zebras live a pretty long time- well over 20 years. I have a couple in the 15 -16 year age range and one just spawned. I am aware of a breeder getting a spawn for a dad 21 - 22 years old.
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