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Add fish to the group

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Hi guys, and thanks for all the great info on this forum. I have been reading all the posts for a long time, but have not gotten around to register. Im from Norway, and currently I host a group of 10 F1 (6.4) zebra plecos in a 180 L tank. They seem to thrive. They are 5-6 cm still. So, to my question. I have now the opportunity to buy 3 wildcaught sexual mature zebra plecos. They have been held by the seller for over a year, and Im fairly confident that they are healthy. Is there anything that should stop me from buying them, and add them to my group?
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Re: Add fish to the group

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No matter how long fish have been in another trusted fish keeper's tank, the stress of being netted and moved can open them to illness/parasites/etc.
I would suggest that you do quarantine yhem for a few weeks. If they do fine in your water during that period, then you are OK to move them in with your group.

Bear in mind as they approach spawning size/age, they will work out a pecking order. this applies to both the males and the females.Only the fish at the top of the pecking order will get to spawn. These pecking orders can take months to work themselves out. there can be fighing, injuries and even a death. But once this has been worked out, things tend to run pretty well in the tank. At this point adding new fish will disrupt the established order and cause it to have to reset. If there has been spawning or near spawning going on, the new additions will almost surely stop any reproduction until the new order is worked out.

Your's should not be in spawning mode quite yet at the size you report. 7+ cm is more like it. But there is no certainty on this length. Some fish mature sooner and some later. So, it is not impossible that your group has already gotten a pecking order in place.
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