Minimum Water Temperature?

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Minimum Water Temperature?

Post by tjgolen1983 »

Hello everybody and thank you in advance for your input!

I have read that the zebra plecs "favor" water temperatures of 26-30C.

Is it possible to keep them at temperatures between 22-25C? Does anybody have any experience with raising zebra plecos in lower temperatures?

The reason this question has been addressed is because the fish in their native habitat reside in deep water (20ft) and I am sure that while the water's surface temperature may hover around 26-30C, there is no way it can possibly be that high at a depth of 20ft!

P.S I am not looking for a regurgitation of internet facts but am rather seeking more valuable personal experiences but you all.
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Re: Minimum Water Temperature?

Post by juiceyfish »

I've kept mine at a low of 25 for a few weeks and she did fine
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Re: Minimum Water Temperature?

Post by TwoTankAmin »

People I know will push tank temps to as much as 90F (32+C) at the peak of simulating the dry season. But then there will be an inrush of water in the mids 70s and often using ro/di water to create the onset of the rainy season. Check the habitat info on planetcatfish.

These fish like warm water, keep them cooler at your own risk. I would not recommend it not would I do it with mine. Even when one does a rainy season the temps are soon allowed to rise back up back into the 80s fairly soon.
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Re: Minimum Water Temperature?

Post by Rahim17 »

When adjusting my hot water heater, what temperature should I set it to? Is the answer different if you have: concerns about diseases, a dishwasher, young children or elderly that can be easily burned, electric vs. gas heat, type of plumbing (e.g. PEX or Copper)? Also, is there a preferred technique to check the temperature of the water after adjusting it
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Re: Minimum Water Temperature?

Post by Zebinski »

As an aside, high temperatures that are recommended for keeping L046 are beneficial to keeping away some diseases like ich.

In terms of temperature in the past I have kept zebs at 26c for months on end. No deaths or diseases but I didn't get any spawning either.
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