Hello there (from London)!

Hmmm...what else can I say!
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Hello there (from London)!

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Hi there!

I am very new to zebra plecs and to be honest, it is mostly because it took me time to convince my girlfriend that we could spend so much money for a new family member (and that was a big achievement). Now that, after a few months, the little guy has got used to his new home, and we see him more often, it sounds like I can convince her to get more zebra plecs (my odds were a lot lower when he was the single most expensive fish in the tank and the only one we could never see).

Our community tank is a 260L tank (Jewel Vision 260) with 6 Discus, 8 duplicareus corys and our little guy. Water temp is 28C to 28.5C, the water is very soft (RO with added minerals) and I make a 30% water change every day. We have 2 filters: JBL CristalProfi e1501 (24/7) + JBL CristalProfi e901 (day only), an Eheim 400 air pump, CO2 injection for plants (and to maintain PH at 6.75).

I went to my LFS earlier today to see if they thought I could get more zebra plecs or if I was overstocked already (I do not think I can justify a separate zebra tank just yet). Obviously the answer was that I could get more zebra plecs but I thought someone on this forum may have another opinion. What do you think? And how many would be appropriate? Would the one we have ATM be happier on his own or with new friends?

Also, I think he is a male but not knowing much about zebra plecs, I thought someone could help me. These are the pictures I got earlier (I appreciate they are not good at all but he does not like when I get too close... I am hoping the nose and fins will be enough but if not I will try to catch him).
Also, if he definitely is a male and I can get more, am I right in saying I should try to get females?

Thank you very much for your help!!
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