Hello friends

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Hello friends

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I didn't realise this forum existed actually until I bought 2 L046 Zebra Plecs and ran into the problem of ick the next day. A Google search brought me here so I joined.
My name is Kev and I'm 52 years old. I've kept tropical fish since the age of 13 and I've always had a love of catfish.
Regrettably I live in a bit of a backwater (pardon the pun) as far as tropicals are concerned and when I was growing up right into my mid 30's the only fish available locally came from general pet stores rather than dedicated Aquatic Retailers, meaning rather long car journeys even to buy humble Corydoras.
Getting my first two Zebra Plecs entailed a 160 mile round trip in the car even now so I was devastated to discover they had whitespot.
I've kept other pets over the years too including a Praying Mantis called Cedrick a Bearded Dragon called Winston and an English Bull terrier called Ozzy, all now sadly passed away never to be replaced.
I've been married to my wonderful and very understanding wife Paula for 32 years and have only been without fish for a total of 2 years all together since age 14.
I was an avid reader when younger and have collected a modest library of aquatic books many of which are now out of date but still hold sentimental value and my most valued tome is the five volume Catfish of the World by Dr David Sands that I bought for a very modest price second hand.
Well that's a potted history of me and my hobby and I look forward to reading all about you and yours.
Best wishes to all
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Re: Hello friends

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Welcome to the site and the world of zebras.

The internet and overnight shipping have changed our ability to get rare fish. I have o;ly been at this for about 15 years now. However, over that period I would guess that I have bought most (90%+) of my fish shipped in. This includes imported fish via a transshipper to buying from people who spawn them in home aquariums and everything in between.
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