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New here

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Hello, My name is Roger and I'm from the USA and state of Iowa. Although I've kept fish for the past 50 years, ( yes I'm an old fart ) I have only had the L046 Zebra Plecos for 4-5 years now. I bought from three different breeders when the fish were young and have grown up to some very nice looking fish now. I have not been able to get any babies from them yet but they've shown signs of wanting to spawn and my biggest male has managed to kill off two of the other males slightly smaller than him. I am assuming they're males as I am unable to clearly sex them by their body shapes etc. Just going by their territorial characteristics.

Thank you for having me on your site and I look forward to learning along the way and meeting new fish enthusiast.
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Re: New here

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Welcome to the site and the wonderful world of zebras. It would help if you could provide information about how many fish and in what size tank as well as your best guestimate of the sexes. Also, how is the tank laid out and filtered and what are you doing to simulate spawning via doing dry and rainy seasons.

The more information you can provide, the better able we are able to offer some suggestions.
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