Greetings From Chicago

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Greetings From Chicago

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Hey all, new to the site, not new to tropical fish. Running a 30 tank fishroom ATM, right about 1k gallons, designed for breeding angels. I'm active in a couple local clubs, travel around the Midwest to various club events mostly selling angels along with other tropical fish supplies. Been at this for many years, puts a little jingle in the pocket, so my wife lets me do my thing.

I've got a line on a group of 6 young zebras, 2" give or take, should be here in a few days. I could bump the group up or down, somewhat local breeder with a good rep, I've dealt with him in the past. Just doing my homework as far as species care, came across this site, looks to be a good resource so I joined up. No doubt I'll have some questions, just trying to decide what size tank to tie up for may years in the future.
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Re: Greetings From Chicago

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Welcome to the wonderful world of zebras.

I ran my first colony of 13 breeders in a 30 gal. breeder tank. That was a tad tight but they did spawn a lot over the next few years. I now have 18 F1s in a 75 gal. that should have been spawning already but have not to date.

I consider lots of cover and caves to be important when keeping them in breeding groups. The more fish involved, the more cover one should have. The one concern with tank size is when you get spawns. You want to know that the fry will get food. The bigger the tank, the more work this may become. But most breeders report that they get better fry growth when the babies are left in the main tank as opposed to being moved to growout tanks.
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