7th spawn kicked out are eggs ok ???

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7th spawn kicked out are eggs ok ???

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my 7th spawn was all kicked out 4 white eggs and 3 clear and 3 yellowy colour are these all infertile i take it or is 1 or 2 ok how can you tell the difference had this before and all eggs got eaten ?????
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Re: 7th spawn kicked out are eggs ok ???

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On many occasions I have placed both eggs & wigglers back into their cave with the male. I do this with a turkey baster. If your breeding caves are level this is a common problem. I usually place a ceramic tile under the front of the cave. By elevating the front gravity will help the male keep eggs & wigglers in the cave. If your eggs are white & fuzzy they need to be removed. The fungus on the bad eggs will spread & ruin the fertile eggs. Zebra eggs are very light in color. They are not bright yellow like the eggs of some other plecos. If the eggs are fertile they will get darker & you might see little red or brown like blood vessels. My zebra eggs always hatch on the 4th day. Good luck with your zebs.
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