Strong Water Flow ?

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Strong Water Flow ?

Post by stickfly »

I have 3 Zebras in a 190 litre aquarium with the usual caves, a piece of bogwood, a large Amazon sword plant & sand substrate.
The aquarium is filtered with a Fluval 406 running at max power( 1450 lph.)
The thing is most of the time the Zebras stay fairly well hidden but the other night I switched the filter off for a while & the water went into a fairly still state. Then after a few minutes the Zebras all came out into the open, even though my aquarium lights were on.
I've tried this a couple of times since & they always come into the open as soon as the water goes still........ but I thought they prefer a strong current.
Has anyone else noticed this ?

Regards .......... G
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Re: Strong Water Flow ?

Post by TwoTankAmin »

I find this behavior typical of fry even moreso.
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