Hi from Yonkers,

Hmmm...what else can I say!
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Hi from Yonkers,

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Hi all,

I have been keeping cichlids for close 20 years, just as a love for animals. I once had 2 ferrits, a blue and gold McCall, cats, dogs you name it.. Forgot to mention I even had a camen gator.

Never kept pleco's as when I did they would die. About a year ago I decided to give it another try. And what do know, I've had great success. I now have 2 breeding groups of super red bushy nose, blue eye bnp and calico's..

Now the reason why I'm here, I'm also keeping zebras (5) 3". My understanding is this is when they start to breed. :D and the last group I have is lower rio xingu.

I still have a lot to learn about pleco's so any input /feed back will be very much appreciated..

Thanks, Phil from Yonkers
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Re: Hi from Yonkers,

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Welcome to the site :D
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Re: Hi from Yonkers,

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Welcome here :)
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Re: Hi from Yonkers,

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You are right about the zebra plecos being able to begin spawning when they are 3". At least that has been my experience. Some even start a little smaller. I have one female that started when she was just a little over 2.5". So you should be getting close. In my case....what seems to help is raising the temp and keeping it at 85degF, making weekly water changes (in which the water temp during the change drops a little during the change), and providing bloodworms as part of their diet.

Good luck!
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