Abandoned Eggs

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Abandoned Eggs

Post by Lukan »

My breeding group has spawned twice and they are in an 8 week cycle. However, I don't have anything to show for it. On the first spawn all the eggs got kicked out of the cave. Tried saving it after a couple of days but it was too late by the time i placed it in a fry saver. The second spawn happened on August 25th. However, both mom and dad vacated the cave and abandoned the eggs. I can confirm that it is the same male that was involved in the spawn both times. Should i let nature take its course on the next round or should i intervene and take the eggs out of the cave and place it on a fry saver. It is frustrating because on both spawns i counted at least 15-18 eggs. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Abandoned Eggs

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Maybe there's a reason the male leaves the cave, happened a few times here when the sun was shining straight into the male's cave.
Make sure you cover the cave up as much as you can, so it's really dark in and around the cave.

Also try not to disturb him to much with a torch, just leave him alone and things will most likely work out just fine by letting nature take it's course.. :)
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