Ideal tank size

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Ideal tank size

Post by redtigrinus »

What would you all say is the ideal tank size for breeding zebra plecos in?
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Re: Ideal tank size

Post by Jaz »

I'm not a professional breeder of plecos (yet) :) but next time I get a tank I will go for around 200 litres. Then I probably gonna order a custom tank so I can get a tank maybe 20-25 cm high, around 150cm long and then around 50cm wide. It seems to be a little harder to keep water parameters good in small tanks. But this also depends on the colony size and if you gonna decorate it or not.
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Re: Ideal tank size

Post by Mr. Johnson »

Depends on how many plecos you want to keep.
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Re: Ideal tank size

Post by vanillarum »

I have my group of 12 adults in a 40 gal breeder. Good luck.
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Re: Ideal tank size

Post by TwoTankAmin »

I had a colony of 13 in a 30B (36x18x13tall). And got 100s of fry over the years. I also lost 4 of the fish over a 4.5 year period. I currently also have a 33L (48x12x13) holding 15 F1s and 2 wc adult males I am anxiously awaiting a spawn from.

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Re: Ideal tank size

Post by Brengun »

I've had zebs in 2ft, 3ft and 4ft. Just remember they won't range very far for food and tend to like to stick around their own territory.

In a 2ft, I only had 1ft wide and about 15" high and I don't think they particularly liked having their caves so near to the front where I could see them better.

My 3ft is only 15" wide and 15" or 18" ( forget which) and they seem to like it better. Given the choice to upgrade I would probably go for 18" wide and maybe only 15" high as zebs don't particually need much height in the tank and what little light comes into their tank in a shallow one might grow a few anubias plants on dw?

The 4ft is only 15" wide and 15" high and again, I am not real sure they appreciate having a shallow depth like that. I think a 18" deep would offer more cover and see them come out a little bit more, but then thats a big floor space and they may not find food if it scatters up either end away from their territories.
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