Rio Xingu biotope

Pretty much explains itself really. If you have questions about tank set-ups, tank furniture, (caves etc) chuck them in here!

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Re: Rio Xingu biotope

Post by coralite »

Here is a rare shot of my five zebra plecos altogether in a photogenic pose. I am so glad my zebras spend a lot of time out in the open in this Rio Xingu biotope, it's very rewarding.
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Re: Rio Xingu biotope

Post by Joby »

Great pic :)
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Re: Rio Xingu biotope

Post by Stevie.K »

Looking good :wink:
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Re: Rio Xingu biotope

Post by mikeyboy »

yes very nice :aok:
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Re: Rio Xingu biotope

Post by Lukan »

Very Nice Tank. I've been keeping hypancistrus and never really wanted to create a biotope until i came across this tank. The aquascaping has been very inspirational. Any new updated picture of your tank would be appreciated.
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Re: Rio Xingu biotope

Post by Samantha »

Thank you for posting pictures of your tank setup - I really liked the look of yours and one other I saw and modeled my newest 75 gallon zebra pleco species tank after both. It is my first time using sand, I went with a fine black sand used for hermit crabs, bought some slate and river rocks and manzanita bogwood. I created pathways throughout the tank with lots of coverage and hiding spaces and the two I have in there seem to really like it!
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Re: Rio Xingu biotope

Post by Toony123 »

Hi man, really really a nice tank. I prefer tanks like yours because it looks like a natural biotop which is good for fish.I also like when I can see zebras with other fish. Tell me please. Did you already try to breed your zebras in this tank?Your fish are looking really beautiful.just perfect condition for breeding.
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