Bumble bee shrimp dieing

If it isn't to late, and you're desperately looking for some advice, hopefully someone can help you out.

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Bumble bee shrimp dieing

Post by Jamie24 »

I purchased two bumble bee shrimp at the begining of the week to go in with my zebras to help keep the tank ship shape. one was about an inch and the other just under an inch. earlier i did my daily check and feed and found the smaller one dead at the corner of the tank (where there is least current) was curled up and bright pink... :o

the other seems fine, but this one looks almost as if it has been cooked alive??? :? :?

all my water perameters are excelent and temp is arround 28-29c and pH is roughly 6.8...

Any help?

cheers, J 8)
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Post by TwoTankAmin »

I am not a shrimp person, but I did a Google on them. I could be wrong, but it looks like they need cooler water than zebras. Since I am so ignorant of shrimp I could be totally wrong. Perhaps somebody else who knows about these critters will chime in with more meaningful help.
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Post by chanettt »

the temperature should be around 22-25 C with low ph around 6.2-6.5
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Post by Jo's Zebs »

Sorry to say same as above to to hot I run my crystal red shrimp tank at 22oc they like it cool
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Post by NetsuaiAngel »

Bumblebee shrimp need to be in cooler water and cannot be kept in the same temp ranges as the Zebras. Bumblebee shrimp need temps around 78-80, while Zebs love it around 82-84.

If you are looking for a shrimp variety to be kept with your zebs, who will not harm them, you get algae eating shrimp. They do not have claws and feed on algae that grow on the bogwood, and will also feed on algae discs. I've had about 6 algae shrimp with my zebs and they did fine with the high temp range. Algae shrimp can be found in clear and green coloration in some places. They live for a long while, but they will never breed in fresh water tanks, but that's a whole different story :)

- Angela
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As Too the Color

Post by 24/7 »

That is pretty normal, when shrimp die they do turn orange red

Hope this helps
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Post by I_Need_Zebras »

If you need something to keep your tanks clean, why not try MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails)
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Re: Bumble bee shrimp dieing

Post by Kate »

I keep cherry shrimp and orange shrimp with my Zebras, and they cope well with the temperature, they even breed regularly in there.

Good luck!
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Re: Bumble bee shrimp dieing

Post by krisA20 »

I keep Red cherry shrimps too in my zebra tank and they breed like rats :lol:
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