new colony 8 zebs

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new colony 8 zebs

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Hi all,
I'm super excited about my colony of 8 zebra. They come from a breeding colony of 12 :d :d :d . I have 1 male and 7 females (that’s what was sold to me with 100% assurance of sex and looking at them they do look the part). Everybody is welcomed to review my photos and tell me what you think regarding the sex. Also some words of wisdom regarding how to activate them to breed will be appreciated. I've had them for about a month or so. They are full size at 7.5-9cm, mostly 8-8.5cm.
Current set-up:
tank: In a divided 4x18 tank, the side houses another colony of 5 zebs.
Ph: ranges from 6.4-6.8
temp: 27-29c (set at 27C)
filtration: 2 x eheim 2217, 1 x internal UV filter, 2 x corner filter, 1 x sponge filter, 2 x air stone,
current: 3000L/hr powerhead
TDS: 130-140
GH/KH: not tested yet. but I would assume low due to TDS reading
substrate: silica
cave: currently have 2. Had 10, but took away 8.
bogwood: 3-4 small to medium pieces
food: vegies, shrimp pellets, discus granules, beef heart, blood worms, occ brine shrimp, occ algae wafer
lights: never on rarely, light comes from other tanks. Tank is usually covered with foam on the front.
WC: weekly with aged tap water

Any advice or suggestions to improve my set-up? Does the colony really need the whole 4x18 to breed or is the 2x18 space I've created by dividing my 4 ft tank enough? Zebra's don’t necessarily need that much space to breed, or am I incorrect?

Photos below:

colony view
Image Image


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