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I have a couple of spawns of babies which are at the 3/4 inch long stage. Recently,because I have some,I began feeding them some San Francsisco Bay prepared frozen beefheart. I did have a death but it could have been accidental as they rarely kill themselves by getting into impossible spots etc. Does anyone know if feeding beefheart ( snuck from my discus,) is a big no no?. They were already getting European shrimp mix that I make myself. The water was not fouled and all other babies were fine. Both the beefheart and the shrimp mix will foul the water in a small tank easily,though. It is a problem in itself because these fish grow slowly so you have to maintain excellent water conditions in a fry tank for a long time. So will beefheart kill the babies at that stage of life ..does anyone know?

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Re: beefheart

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It is possible for a baby to choke on a chunk I would assume.
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