In South Africa, Zebra=Quagga

Hmmm...what else can I say!
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Re: In South Africa, Zebra=Quagga

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John wrote:Welcome back :)

Hope you get a smooth deal now, sadly some ppl are in the zebra for the money or using the zebra for a scam :(
WHEW! You telling me...

and thanks for the welcome(it HAS been awhile..) since I last joined, and lurked, and sobbed :( :oops:
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Re: In South Africa, Zebra=Quagga

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TwoTankAmin wrote:Glad to see your are back.

However, I am not sure how many fish a "NICE SIZED HERD" of zebras is to be able to offer input on tank sizes. To a certain extent both the size as well as the sexes of the fish involved will effect the amount of space that will work. Further, it depends on your plans for trying to spawn the fish.

Other considerations which can effect the amount of tank space are decor/cover, the need to spread out the fish so no single tank crash will completely wipe one out. And then there may be issues in terms of how much space one has available.
It taken alot for me to show face , regarding L46...

..You are correct in your outlook, no doubt!
It's just abit unnerving to RESUME on this board, and then proffer info pertinent to SAIN's NEXT BIG Quagga SAFARI
This time there WILL be BIG Game to view, and maintain indoors..hehe

:P ..Is it ok if I do so in the "INTROS" ?
Well, I suppose a mod could sweep it wherever it should go.

I understand the importer-consolidator was told the fish are spread across a few 1.2m shallow tanks. They have been , and are of mixed origin. He is getting it from one of his"suppliers' abroad.

Well I have budgeted :book:
for a minimum of 24pcs. Depends on final costs, it may run into a few more. As many(few??) as 32pcs.

I'm led to understand will be 55-70mm range

If I take the erm..LION'S SHARE of the 50pc of Zebra due to arrive...THEN I get first go at what are supposed to be SEXED INDIVIDUAL FISH. Apparently about half the fish due will be SEXED, as best as their current owner can manage. Funny thing we don't know if that person is a BREEDER, COLLECTOR, TRADER... :|
Which was why I aim to TAKE the ENTIRE complement of "sexed L46"..., HALF the CONSIGNMENT for better or for worse....
At least SOMEONE was supposed to take their time and inspect to hopefully assign a gender to the fish before export to South Africa.

Well I intended to quarantine them post import, directly into a few tanks I have here.
Namely the 50cm cubes, I have TWO
and a 1.5m BOWFRONT, with a few dither Tetras

For about 3weeks. Maybe it's unnecessary, as they will be kept with their OWN original tankmates, just translocated a few 1000miles ??
I can't rightly I heard from the consolidator, when asked...the fish were kept in same tanks for a few months already.

Yes, I most definitely intend to...LET THEM DO THEIR THANG!!
Hence, the additional few years to gather my wits about me
I dont know how MANY Groups, PAIRS, TRIOS I should aim for...'
But Im thinkin 5-6 groups of about 4-5 individuals
ASSUMING I can even GET a good % pre-sexed, for favourable ratios...or eyeball them myself, with YOUR help and pics, as I take them?

I have many 25mm sections of pipe, I mean to silicone coat and roll in flourite for a nicer LOOK.
Is 25 or 32 mm the better pipe diameter?

I sell Mopani wood in the trade with a partner, so I have THAT , as much as I need.
I would use a bit in each QT

SO it boilsdown to >
25-30pc L46, around 60mm size, indeterminate gender(for now), being held for 3 weeks (YOUR ADVICE HERE?)
IN 3 tanks of total volume 600L
Each tank is separate. I would begin with Tanktop drip filter, quite large, with 5*hourly throuhput in the 1.5m tank, it's exhaust creates a nice swirling current at one end!
Supplemented by 2 Large air-driven sponge filters (for Good Gas exhange), and maybe a powerheard on one side, or ON ONE of the 2 aforementioned sponge filters for added FLOW.

The 2 cubes would have a HOB of about 6*hourly throughput, AND a single Large SPONGE or 2 SMALLER units.

Base: Bare or sprinkling of Flourite? ..coz I have quit abit of several colours of Flourite.
Your suggestions?

Well to begin with, it's 3 tanks.

BUT within a few metres< i have a rack of 9*150L aquariums, earmarked for the Zebra ANYWAY
This project PAUSED, for 4years..BUT I kept all the equipment.
The dimensions of the 9 are 1m*50cm W*30cm H
These would run with 2 LARGE SPONGEfilters. One with Powerhead, other air-driven

I used the SAME Sponge filters for same tanks to hold, spawn, raise DIscus before.
SO it should be Ok...Correct or improve my plans PLEASE?

Oh, and if need be, there is a SECOND RACK IDENTICAL SIZE Facing the first 9*150L

So I am thinking of setting up the 3 QT, the extra 9.
And while in QT assess whether I actually need more than 12 Tanks?
If I by some crazed notion or whim DO end up with MORE than 30 odd Zebra(SHOOT ME!!??), :angelnot:
Ther would be ample pace.

I wil be keeping the fish at my warehouse-workshop..where I spend time on deserving fish in quarantine, treatment, etc. The place is almost empy. NOW resuming it's original function to isolate and pamper fish with large volumes of RO, in storage VATS. Tapwater with pH 7.5-8.0, KH 0-1, GH1-2 RO is just a bonus to have for chemistry manipulation?

We can routinely breed barbs, Tetra, Danio, Gourami, Ancistrus, Discus in carbon filtered tapwater...WHICH is what I hope to largely fill ALL the Zebra tanks the Fairest Cape, where the QUAGGA once Freely Roamed! :P
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Re: In South Africa, Zebra=Quagga

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Hi Liaquat

Welcome back, and I have got to say that is definately the most interesting introduction and re-introduction we have ever had. :D

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Re: In South Africa, Zebra=Quagga

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Good day,Liaquat. Welcome and Greetings from california... I was curious what kind of discus you keep? good luck w/ securing some L046.
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