Foods to feed

Everything you ever wanted to say about "Zebra luvin", but didn't because you thought everyone would take the mickey! Plus general topics for discussion including everything from what you feed them to your personal experiences.

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Foods to feed

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I know there are endless topics on what to feed, but I was curious if anyone uses these:

I have the algae discs for my common plecos, but if I am able to get my zebra plecos, I was curious if the regular sinking wafers would be okay. They contain spirulina, krill, and silkworm. As a staple. With a variety of things on the side.

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Re: Foods to feed

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I feed those on an occasional basis for variety. I prefer a a higher protein level. I use a lot of earthworm sticks/flakes as well as some meaty type bits. But I also do a bunch of different frozen foods as well. I also feed the Hikari sinking wafers to other plecos, including bristlenose and to corys.

I try to feed all my fish as varied a diet as I can. And I have yet to find an appropriate food my fish will not eat with great gusto. They are all pigs with scales :lol:
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