thanks for your answers

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thanks for your answers

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i am going to read the info on Zebras, but I do have one question "what color is the color morph?" just curious. I spent 5 years taking my time setting up my 33 gallon tank. It works just fine I have had a couple of 25 gallons too . At this time i am thinking about moving up to a 90 gallon possibly. Again taking my time there is a lot of reading to do on the fish that i would want. And there is no hurry thanks everybody am looking forward from more e-mails from the experts out there! Loki :angel:
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Re: thanks for your answers

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Color morph is a sort of misleading term. A more appropriate description would be "variant". What is being referred to is what has been labeled L-098. The variance/morph properties are that the black stripes are wavey rather than straight.
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