RO water to Tap water transfer

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RO water to Tap water transfer

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Hi I'm new to Zebras and I'm about to purchase my first colony (5-7 all under 1") .
They are kept in RO water. I have no plans to keep them in RO water and from reading on this forum...its not necessary to keep them in RO water. Can any tell me, what would be the best way to introduce them to regular tap water (Ph 7.8 ) without stressing them out completely? Please keep in mind that I'm purchasing them for a store and will be bringing them home is a bag with RO water. Also maybe I should purchase only 2 for now just in case they don't survive ?

All info welcome. Thanks

p.s can they actually breed ( once they are mature) in regular tap water Ph 7.8?
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Re: RO water to Tap water transfer

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Personally IMO the zebra fry are far too small to be sold & could end in disater for you & the fish, I have only ever sold fry around 35mm (1 3/8") - 38mm (1 1/2") as they stand a much better chance of survival, & that is what we want.
I think you would need to find of the ph of the water from were you are buying as anything bigger than 0.2-0.3 differance will be a very big shock to the fish & could result in losses.
I keep my fish in 50/50 ro & when ever I have sold fry I will always offered people more water to take,to help adjust the fry easier to their new home.
You would also need to find out what nitrates the fry are moving from into, as they don't like high nitrates, i keep mine @ a maximum of 20ppm.
I would urge you to either wait until the fry are larger or if you can't wait look elsewhere for some larger fry or sub-adults.
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