Back from the pass

Hmmm...what else can I say!
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Back from the pass

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Hi all,

Its been some years since last time (life some times does this things) well for the ones i knew, hi to all the others hello :D

My old Login dosent seem to work so i did a new one.

My Zebras are great and in love with the new home (we both moved) and last year peace and quiet made results :D

It seems without any action (just food and water) they started to breed, i only had some eggs shells but now i noticed 2 diferent breeds, ones that are now more then 2 cm and the little guys who are the size of a snail :lol: counted 8 but theres a lot of strippes behind the large tree root.

So heres one of them ( boy they are fast, for their size)

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Re: Back from the pass

Post by Stevie.K »

A big welcome back & congrats on the little stripy fry :aok:
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Re: Back from the pass

Post by I_Need_Zebras »

Hi and Welcome (back)
Looking for L260's - adult or fry, PM with any details
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