Asian Farmed Zebras

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Asian Farmed Zebras

Post by TwoTankAmin »

After hearing rumors about massive breeding projects in Asia that would flood the market with cheap zebras, I finally got what I consider a reliable report on this. A breeder and fish store owner I know from another site recently went to his wholesaler to see zebras which had been bred in Asia (Indonesia I believe). Here is what I was told:

1. They are working with 100 pairs.
2. They are using hormones to induce breeding.
3. The fish for sale by the wholesaler were about 1.25 inches.
3. The price per fish was $175 from the wholesaler.

I have since seen a few posts on various sites saying lfs were taking orders for zebras or had them for sale. This all leads me to believe that the above is likely true. I have been selling fish that size and larger for a number of years for a much lower price. Most of the other hobby breeders I know would say the same thing regarding the size and price of their fry.

Because one can readily find wc illegal fish at 2-3 inches for $150 or domestically bred smaller fish for less, I would maintain what I have said for several years now since the Asian stories first surfaced. It is not possible to breed and sell zebras commercially and to do so cheaply and without having to use hormones which, imo, makes a fish an undesirable one to get.
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Re: Asian Farmed Zebras

Post by coralite »

I actually spoke with these people at InterZoo in Germany. I'll dig up my materials from them and let you know what I can recall. This was just this past May but I thought they said they had 50 pairs (100 fish) and they are also working with other Hypans including 333 and 173. Their L173 didnt look anything like those from the German breeder.
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Re: Asian Farmed Zebras

Post by Champ-BKK »

Hi TTA & Coralite,

TTA, i also followed your thread in fishaholics. :)

I knew that since last year.
I met the Indonesian breeder at Aquarama exhibition in Singapore 2009. He opened the price USD 100 / pc at that time.
I can't confirm on how many pairs and induce hormones? But i heard not only his farm may be 2-3 more farms in Indonesia.

LFS here in Thailand order from him many shipments. First time i was surprices size 2.5 inch only 170 USD.
How come? You must treat them around 2 years to get that size and price only 170 USD.
Beginning of this year, i heard out of stock. He can't supply to Thailand. But not sure to Europe or else that can give more money.

Until last month he can ship to Thailand again with a few higher price. I think that he can't supply like this in long run due to fries need time to grow up.

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